At this level you will be acquainted with English in real terms. You will experience the excitement of learning English with our interesting and fun courses.

Duration: 192 hours
Weekly Hours:
Non-Visa Students: 8 hours/w
12 hours/w
16 hours/w

Visa Students: 18 hours/w
Schedule: Monday- Thursday
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Supplemental Course: Pronunciation

Upon completion of Level 1, you should be able to:

1) Identify words and phrases such as: letters, numbers, occupations, places, directions, transportation, clothes, relatives, activities, housing, weather, food, dates, names, times and places.
2) Understand words in a short slow-paced listening passage.
3) Produce comprehensible speech according to the basic vocabulary and sentences learned.
4) Introduce himself/herself and others, answer where he/she lives and ask others, talk about people he/she knows and things he/she has.
5) Respond to simple questions in short slow-paced conversations, using beginner’s pronunciation/stress/intonation patterns.
6) Answer specific questions about simple sentences with some grammatical accuracy.
7) Complete very simple forms.

What is Elementary Level?

Elementary level is the first and most basic stage of General English education. At the same time, it is the process of getting familiar with the English language. One of the main reasons for the lack of efficiency in English education in schools is that the foundation is not solid at the beginning level and the language is tried to be given completely within the framework of “knowledge”.

But there is one thing that is forgotten that the language itself is not an “information” task, in other words, the whole language can not be formulated.

When this truth is ignored, a completely boring grammar stack emerges. This removes people completely from that language. Just English language schools form their educational programs considering these situations. Therefore, it defines the initial level as Introducing English, endearing English, gaining self-confidence.

What is the Content of Elementary?

We can describe the elementary level as the introduction to English in real terms. In this program you discover how wonderful it is to learn the foundation of daily conversations, reading, listening, and writing.

What Elementary Level Education Gives You ?

After you complete General English (Elementary) level in Just English you will be able to form sentences, and have simple dialogues used in everyday life. The phrase "I can understand, but can't speak" will be left behind, as you will be confident with your new English skills.

Why Should You Choose Just English?

The only language school that can bring the English language to your own country is Just English, both with teaching staff and lecturers. All academy-based foreign lecturers have pedagogical formation and are internationally certified.

Not satisfied with the differences created only by the teaching staff, Just English has revealed the difference with the extra course hours given to the students, in-class and extra-curricular activities, online training and course materials. It´s achivement has also been registered with "The most successful language school", "Most Reliable Language School" and "Most High Quality Language School" awards.

What Is the Success Rate of Just English in General English ?

Just English provides its success with a student-centered perspective to education. Questions such as "How can students learn better, What sort of environment feels comfortable to them? How to constantly improve the school's services?" are always asked. Just English, has the title of the foreign language course that gives the maximum number of hours with the 192-hours program in language education, Classes are formed by small groups in order to provide enough help to each student.

Just English, has achieved 100% success in general English with online courses, unique course materials, in-class and out-of-class activities, etude and one-on-one courses, foreign academic lecturers and most of our students ' satisfaction and references.

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