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What is Change of Status?

If you come to the USA with various visas such as tourist visa, business visit visa, exchange program visa, vocational training visa, and decide to study in this country after your related activities, switching from your current visa to an F-1 student visa is definedas a change of status.

Tourist/business visit (B1/B2), work and travel WAT program (J-1), temporary work visas (H1), etc. are named Non-immigrant visas. It is now possible to switch from non-immigrant visa types to student (F-1) visa.

To be eligible to change your status in the USA, 90 days must have passed since your current status and entry into the USA. If the status change is approved, the student must attend classes full time. Status change approval comes 4-16 months after the application. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a lawyer during the change of status.

USCIS Review of Status Change Application

The person applying for a change of status should not engage in any activity related to the type of visa he/she wants to pass before the change of status is approved. For example, enrolling in or attending a language course prior to approval by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) could mean you are acting in violation of your current visa. In such cases, your application for change of status may result in negative results.

To change the status change to F-1, you must complete the following steps:

1. Obtain Form I-20 and Letter of Acceptance issued to attend our school issued for status change purposes.
2. Contact our school to prepare other documents.

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