Learning a Language at Just English New York Campus is a Delight...

Why Should I Choose Just English New York Campus?

Quality Education: Just English offers different programs tailored to students' needs and levels to make their English learning process the most effective and efficient. In addition, experienced and qualified teachers are specially selected to help students improve their language skills.

Various Program Options: Just English provides various program options for students to learn English. You can choose from different options such as General English, Business English, Academic English, and Intensive English programs. Additionally, Just English provides customized programs according to students' specific needs.

High-Tech Education: Just English uses the latest technology to provide education. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and other technological tools, making the English learning process more effective and engaging for students.

Social Activities: Just English helps students enrich their social lives while learning English. Through social events organized by Just English, which are usually free, students can make new friends and practice English. Additionally, New York is a city that hosts many social activities, allowing students to have fun outside of education.

Job Opportunities: New York serves as the headquarters for many international companies. Therefore, learning English can provide an advantage in the job market. Employers are likely to offer more job opportunities to those who speak English compared to those who don't. *Work permits are subject to legal regulations. Please do your research.

Cultural Diversity: New York is one of the cities with the most cultural diversity in the world. Just English allows students to learn and experience different cultures, greatly affecting their language learning and language usage capacity.

Why Should I Study in New York?

Immerse Yourself in Culture: New York is a place where different cultures come together. Through Just English, you can learn about and experience different cultures and lifestyles. This way, you can not only learn English, but also gain more knowledge about the world.

Professional Development: Learning English with Just English in New York will not only help you learn the language, but also develop your professional skills. Business English and professional English courses offered at Just English will help you develop skills that you can use in the workplace.

Social Life: Learning in New York can also enrich your social life. This beautiful city is home to many activities such as cinema, theater, music, sports, food, and travel. You can join these activities with the friends you make at Just English and have fun while speaking English.

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States and is visited by thousands of tourists and students every year. It is known for its world-famous tourist attractions, cultural activities, and entertainment industry.

Although the city has limited natural areas, it includes green spaces such as Central Park and the High Line, as well as natural beauty such as the Hudson River. Central Park is a large park located in the middle of the city and offers many activities such as picnicking, running, biking, and horseback riding. The High Line is a park located on an old railway line and is an ideal place to enjoy views of the city from its high points.

USA / New York Campus Address and Contact Details

New York Campus, 21 West 38th Street 13th floor New York, NY 10018

Transit options near 21 West 38th Street include the 7 train lines which can be accessed at the 5 Avenue-Bryant Park Subway Station with 6 min of walking. B, D, F, M train lines which can be accessed at the 42 Street-Bryant Park Subway Station with 7 min of walking. B, D, F, M, N, Q, R train lines which can be accessed at the 34 Street-Herald Square Subway Station with 7 min of walking. PATH Transit Stop train lines which can be accessed at the 33 St Subway Station with 8 min of walking. 1, 2, 3, 42 St Shuttle, 7, N, Q, R train lines which can be accessed at the Times Square-42 Street Subway Station with 9 min of walking.

+1(732)222 08 80

Whatsapp: +1(424)653 31 02


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