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Just English LB is a language school where you can learn language in the best way with a teaching staff and course venues. In Pre-Intermediate level program which is second level of General English, will make you more aware of the progress of language learning each passing day and you will experience the excitement of the learners more intensely.

Duration: 288 hours
Weekly Hours:
Non-Visa Students: 8 hours/w
12 hours/w
16 hours/w

Visa Students: 18 hours/w
Schedule: Monday- Thursday
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Supplemental Course: Conversation

Upon completion of Level 3, you should be able to:

1) Understand the main idea of one or two minute listening passage
2) Talk about personal routine and past experience.
3) Express ideas with pronounciation and intonation errors.
4) Understand ideas from low intermediate reading texts.
5) Write a short paragraph about personal experiences, opinions or a description.

Learning Guaranteed English Pre-Intermediate Level Education !

All of our academy-based foreign lecturers have pedagogical formation and international language certificates.

The Highest Course Hours in Pre-Intermediate Level Education!

For our students in Pre-Intermediate level there is 288 hours program with classes of 12-16 students to make an ideal place .
288 Hours Education
Classes of 12-16 students

Improve your Pre-Intermediate English Level with Free Activity Classes .

You will have seen how pleasure is learning language with your free activity classes by your own epreinces.
Online Education
Writing class
Speaking Class
Cinema Club

What is Pre-Intermediate Level?

At this level, which is the second level of General English, you will firmly consolidate the foundation you have already had from the beginning level and begin building the language you have learned to become permanent.

You do this by leaving the two-language comparisons as a result of the knowledge and experience you have gained, knowing that the English language is a completely different language from our native languages.

What is the Content of Pre-Intermediate?

When you successfully complete this level, which you have strengthened your English foundation, you will have a more vocabulary and you will be able to dialogue with simple sentences as well as more difficult sentence structures. You can improve your pronunciation and vocabulary so that what you say becomes more understandable. At the same time, you become more self-confident language users by discarding your shyness in using the language.

Why You Should Choose Just English LB ?

Just English LB is the only language school that can bring its teaching staff and course venues and the language of that country to your own country. All of our academy-based foreign lecturers consist of pedagogical formation and international language certified trainees at the same time.

Just English LB has made a difference with the lessons it has created for its students, not only with the differences created by the teaching staff, but also with in-class and extracurricular activities, online training and course materials. It has also been registered with the "Most Successful Language School", "Most Reliable Language School" and "Most High Quality Language School" awards, which it has achieved successively.

What Is the Just English LB's Success Rate in General English ?

Just English LB provides its success with a student-centered perspective to education. With the student-centered education program, students are offered the opportunity to study in an environment where they can learn better and feel better and more comfortable.

In Just English LB, which has the title of a foreign language course that gives the maximum number of hours with the 288-hours program in language education, the class quotas are minimum level. Because, even in group lessons, providing a private learning environment is one of the goals of our institution.

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