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F1 Student Visa

Every foreign student wanting to study in the United States will require to get a visa particular to students.


Most students who would like to study in the U.S.A. are issued with F1 Visa. Visiting the United States as a student is not so easy as it seems because the government asks you lots of paper work before they approve your application. There are certain things that should be done to obtain a full approval for an F1 Visa and they can be seen as follows: 1. Get an acceptance from a school 2. Pay for SEVIS Fee 3. Receive I-20 Form 4. Fill Out F1 Visa Application Form 5. Schedule an F1 Visa Interview 6. Attend the F1 Visa Interview 7. Wait For the F1 Visa Approval

Acceptance from a school

The very first and the most important thing when it comes to getting an F1 Visa is an acceptance from a school. Most F1 Visa candidates are generally considered language students, so there are so many language schools approved by the SEVP, short for The Student and Exchange Visitor Program. All the SEVP-approved schools can be seen on the affiliated official website of the SEVP, https://www.ice.gov/sevis.

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SEVIS Fee Payment

SEVIS, The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System is a web-based platform in which the United States government collects all the information on non-immigrant students applied for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. SEVIS fee should be paid in order to keep progressing through the F1 Visa application process.

Receive I-20 Form

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I-20 form is issued by SEVP-approved schools and provides supporting information on students’ M or F status. This form has a SEVIS ID number which is a student tracking number and a school code. I-20 form has 3 pages in which the first two of them should be filled out with the required personal data. The third page contains instructions about the form. If any of the personal data provided by a student has changed, a new updated I-20 form should be filled out again.

F1 Visa Application Form

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F1 Visa application form is actually Form DS-160 which is issued for non-immigrant visa applications. It is an electronic application form that should be filled and printed out. Non-immigrant international students should take DS-160 form with them wherever they go before they get their full F1 Visa approval. It is always best to fill out DS-160 form slowly because it is a very detailed form and you may miss some crucial parts while you are in hurry. When it comes to applying for F1 VISA, it is for your own best to take your time as much as you need in every process. You should also pay for the DS-160 F1 Visa application form fee. After you are done with the payment, you do not have much left for yout full F1 Visa approval.

Schedule an F1 Visa Interview

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You will need to attend an F1 Visa Interview which will determine if you are eligible for a student visa in the USA. The U.S. Embassy or consulate are responsible for scheduling interviews. You will have an F1 student visa which can issued up to 120 days. You can enter the U.S. soil with your approved F1 student visa 30 days before your start date. There are some documents that you should take with yourself to your F1 visa interview ( We will tell you all the documents you will need during the whole process in the last part of our document).

Attend your F1 Visa Interview

During your F1 visa interview, you will be asked questions that are mostly related to your educational purposes. Since all of these questions are picked randomly, you should be ready for questions about your purpose of live and education in the U.S. They will also test your english skills even if you’ve already got your documents for english degrees with you. After your interview has been completed, the only thing that remains is wait.


You should also take all of the receipts for the forms you filled out with you because you will need them. You also need to pay for F1 Visa fee and take the receipt with you as a proof. Here are all the documents that you are expected to present for your F1 student visa approval:

1. Your valid passport
2. A filled out DS-160 form
3. Receipts of all fee payments for application forms and services
4. Two photographs of yours that meet U.S. Visa photo requirements.
5. A filled out I-20 form.
6. Every document which can be considered supportive for your education history. These documents can be listed as follows: Your previous transcripts ( original ones ) and diplomas. Your scores for standardized tests. Typically TOELF, and IELTS

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