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In this program you will bring your English education to the top level. After Advanced education it will be noticed your perfection in English clearly firstly in grammar subjects and over all the English.


Duration: 288 hours
Weekly Hours:
Non-Visa Students: 8 hours/w
12 hours/w
16 hours/w

Visa Students: 18 hours/w
Schedule: Monday- Thursday
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings
Supplemental Course: Writing

Upon completion of Level 6, you should be able to:

1) Use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
2) Talk clearly and well-structured about detailed text on complex subjects, showing correct use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.
3) Speak fluently in social environments and engage in conversations, arguments, giving advice and discussions.
4) Answer comprehension questions about meaning, opinion, attitudes related to authentic passages with wide vocabulary which is related to the student’s personal and professional life.
5) Write extended 7-8 sentence paragraphs with cohesive structure to express ideas, give advice, compare and contrast ideas, develop arguments, and expand on both abstract and concrete topics.


Learning Guaranteed English Advanced Education !

It will be very easy to get enough score for the academic exams like TOEFL and IELTS after you finish the top level of general English Advanced education .


The Highest Course Hours in Advanced Education!

For our students in Advanced level there is 288 hours program with classes of 12-16 students to make an ideal place .
288 Hours Education
Classes of 12-16 students


What is Advanced Level ?

Advanced level is the top level of General English which aims to prepare you for academic exams like TOEFL and IELTS. And another aim of this level is prepare you to use English perfectly includes folkloric elements and grammar structure.

What is the Content of Advanced Level ?

In Advanced Level which is the top level of General English you study with native and academic lecturers like Upper Intermediate Level. This level aims to improve your language skills and make them stable. Since you are now completely perfect on grammar structure and rules, you will be trained in other languages usage on this level, making your achievements permanent by making lots of practice. In Advanced level there are several studies to improve your vocabulary, to understand your reading properly and to write them down properly.

What Advanced Level Education Gives You ?

When you completely finish the top level of English Education, you will have known all details from grammatical points to folkloric elements. Also you will have finished your academic English with this level therefore you will able to get your desired score from academic exams like TOEFL and IELTS.

Why You Should Choose Just English LB ?

Just English LB is the most effective language school, an educational institution that has proven its quality with teaching staff and course venues . All academy-based foreign lecturers consist of pedagogical formation and international language certified trainees at the same time.

Just English LB has made a difference with the lessons it has created for its students, not only with the differences created by the teaching staff, but also with in-class and extracurricular activities, online training and course materials. It has also been registered with the "Most Successful Language School", "Most Reliable Language School" and "Most High Quality Language School" awards, which it has achieved successively.

What Is the Just English LB's Success Rate in General English ?

Just English LB provides its success with a student-centered perspective to education. With the student-centered education program, questions such as "How can our learners learn better, how can they feel better and comfortable in an environment, how to eliminate possible deficiencies?" are always active.

In Just English LB, which has the title of a foreign language course that gives the maximum number of hours with the 288-hours program in language education, the class quotas are minimum level. Because, even in group lessons, providing a private learning environment is one of the goals of our institution.

Just English LB; as an educational institution that accomplishes this goal successfully, it feels its difference with its original course materials, in-class and extracurricular activities, online courses, tutors and individual lessons.

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